Monday, May 24, 2010

Character Descriptions

Here is a list of all the characters in the show and short descriptions of some of the parts. They are all very fun and most of the characters will get at least one line.

Aesop , the Philosopher and Storyteller*

Altair, the Magnificent, the Artisan*

The Muses/Teachers –

  • Calliope, the Fair Voiced *
  • Clio, the Proclaimer*
  • Polly (Polyhymnia), She of Many Hymns*
  • Cori (Terpsichore), the Whirler (dancer) *

Family -

  • Abraxux (Father) *
  • Aspasia (Mother) *
  • Alec – the contrary boy*
  • Arianna*
  • Alyssa*
  • Athena*
  • Agnes*
  • Andrew*
  • Servant Girls (4-6 girls)

The Musicians – playing the Lyre (harp), Pandouris (guitar), Aulos (double flute or

Pan pipes), finger cymbals, tambourine, hand drum, trumpet

School Children - Yannis, Hector, Gregory, Alexi, Gina, Linus, Daphne, Sophia, Lydia(others could be added)

Military Academy- Boys (6-12 younger boys), Captain, Trumpeter, Drummer

Politicians – Xanthos, Karl, Julius, Kratos, Otis, Pellas, Orion

Villagers – Galatia – the old woman, Claudia, Leticia, Drucilla, Hypatia, Iris, and Ophelia

Ensemble – children, vendors and farmers

Sheep - Penelope, Philamina, Priscilla, Persephone, Phoebe, Pamela, Pandora, Phylicia, Peggy, Petrina, Peony and Petunia (or fewer)

Wolf - (younger boy)

*Audtion for these characters at the “Main Parts” audition



  1. do u get to choose who u want 2 be? jj is my mom I,m ellie 9 years old

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