Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Low Down

This is important information for both parents and children. Please read it carefully.

For the remainder of our rehearsals, all children must come wearing their assigned clothing.
-Children (girls): white or black t-shirt/tank top/leotard and white or black leggings, spandex or tights.
-Children (boys): white or black t-shirt/tank top and dark pants (church pants would work well)
-Mothers: white or black t-shirt/tank top/leotard and white or black leggings, spandex or tights and monochromatic flat shoes.
-Adult boys: white or black t-shirt/tank top and dark pants (church pants would work well) and dark, monochromatic shoes (church shoes would work well).

Friday, July 8th: Rehearsal will be begin at 9 for ALL actors and stage crew members. This is our final dress rehearsal. Attendance and punctuality is crucial; we will be recording this rehearsal and must begin promptly.

Saturday, July 9th: FIRST PERFORMANCE CALL TIME: 9 AM. The first performance will be at 11 AM. Children will be done and ready to go home around 12:30. SECOND PERFORMANCE CALL TIME: 5:30 PM. Please feed your children before they come. The second performance will be at 7 PM. Children will be done and ready to go home around 8:30.

We will be recording Friday's dress rehearsal. DVDs will be available at both of the Saturday performances. Because of cost of the DVDs themselves, they will each be $4.

Thank you for all your support and hard work!

Love, the Barefoot gals

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Price Clarification

If you have already paid us, we are sorry for the confusion and you don't need to worry about this. If you have not yet paid, this is probably for you.

Each child's participation in this workshop and show costs $25. If you have more than one child participating, each additional child is only $20.

We apologize for the lack of clarity. Please call us with any questions.

On the other hand, the first rehearsal was excellent! We're very excited about this!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Empty Pot Cast List

Here is the cast list! Thank you all for coming yesterday. Make sure to be at the same location as the auditions, 1140 Locust Circle, Monday the 20th by 10 AM for our first rehearsal. If you have any questions or concerns, please give one of us a call. Our phone numbers are included in the post below this one.

Payments for the show are due by this Wednesday the 22nd. The sooner you get them in, the better. See previous posts for specifics on prices. Make checks payable to Camilyn Bailey. Call with any specific questions.

Ping – Gabe
Emperor – Ransom
Chiang Yung – Hyrum
Huang Li – Bob
Chamberlain – Taylor
Guard 1 – Davy
Guard 2 – Hunter
Guards – all boys
Bei Fu (Wang Liu) – Frances
Ting-zee – Eli
Bao An (Qui Fung) – Autumn
Shen Lang (Cho Yang) – Leah
Min Lo-An – Sophie
Mei Li – Marissa
To Yo-La – Louisa
Lu-An – Taylor
Hu Kun – Kati
Madame Wong – Kate
• Spring – Marissa and Louisa
• Summer – Kate and Taylor
• Autumn – Louisa, Rachel, and Marissa
• Winter – Melia, Belle, Diana, Emma
Children – Sonny, Gavin, Josef,
Ashton, Emilie, Eliza, Sofia, Melia, Belle, Emma, Diana, Lily, Olive

A couple notes:

Some of you were double cast (meaning that you have more than one role in this show), so if your name was written twice, it was not a mistake. :)

To the latecomers/kids who have not been able to audition but have talked with us about being in the show: make sure we know you intend to be in this show by this evening (Sunday the 19th) and come to rehearsal tomorrow morning with your audition form and medical release form printed off and filled out. We can try and cast you there.

Once again, thank you all for your talent!

-The Barefoot Gals

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Email!

We have changes to our contact info so here it is:
  • our email:
  • Cami's cell: 433-655-7131
  • Miriam's cell: 801-822-9582
  • Kristen's cell: 801-898-8023

Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting Ready for Auditions...

Just a reminder, the auditions are this Saturday, the 18th of June. Nothing needs to be prepared for this audition. Children wishing to participate should dress comfortably for the audition because we will be doing a little dancing/general movement.
If your son or daughter is not able to audition on the 18th of June, do not hesitate to contact us. We would love your child to participate in this wonderful opportunity, and we can set up another time for your child to audition during the week prior to June 18th.
Also, as a reminder to parents, we would greatly appreciate it if you came with your kids to the audition or at least were ready to pay. Checks should be made payable to Camilyn Bailey.
Children wishing to participate must fill out and sign a medical form and behavior contract. Here is the link to the Google Doc if you would like to print out your own copy and send it with your child:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Empty Pot Characters

Characters and ages we are looking for:

  • Ping – a young boy, 7-10
  • Emperor – old Emperor of China, 10-13
  • Chiang Yung – Counselor to Emperor, 10-13
  • Huang Li – Counselor to Emperor, 10-13
  • Chamberlain – spokesman for the Emperor, 9-13
  • Guards 1 and 2 – attendants to the Emperor, 9-13
  • Guards –patrol unit of four or more, 8-13
  • Wang Liu – son of Chiang Yung, 6-9
  • Ting-zee – child, 6-9
  • Qui Fung - child, 6-9
  • Cho Yang– child, 6-9
  • Min Lo-An – Mother of Ping, 10-13
  • Mei Li – Mother of Wang Liu, 10-13
  • To Yo-La – Mother of Ting-zee, 10-13
  • Lu-An – Mother of Qui Fung and Cho Yang, 10-13
  • Madame Wong – eccentric shop keeper, 10-13
  • Season Dancers - 8-13
    • Spring – four season dancers
    • Summer – two season dancers
    • Autumn – three season dancers
    • Winter – four season dancers
  • Parents (mothers) – ensemble (four or more), 9-13
  • Children – ensemble (six or more, male or female), 6-8
Children might be given two or even three roles.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Empty Pot

For everyone with children ages 6-13 in the tree streets/Oak Hills Stake area, we are doing another Musical for kids this summer. This summer, we will be doing "The Empty Pot," a musical based on the Chinese folktale of the Empty Pot.

Auditions will be held on June 18th:
  • Ensemble auditions will be at 9:00am. These auditions are for kids who would like to participate but do not want a main speaking, singing or dancing role.
  • Main Parts auditions will be at 1:00pm. These auditions are for kids who want a main role in speaking, singing, and/or dancing. Kids may choose to audition for a speaking, singing, or dancing role; or two of the three; or all three.
Rehearsals will begin on Monday, June 20th and will run until Friday, July 8th, except for a day off on July 4th. Rehearsals will be Monday through Friday every week, and will run 10:00am to 12:00pm everyday. The performances will be on Saturday, July 9th, at 11:00am and 7:00pm. Kids wishing to participate should be able to attend both performances.

The prices this year will be $25 per child, or if there are 2 or more children in a family who wish to participate the price will be $20 per child.

More information concerning the actual roles in the play and so forth will follow, so stay updated and check this blog regularly.

If you have any other questions our contact info can be found on this separate entry:

Friday, March 18, 2011


THIS POST IS VERY IMPORTANT. I HOPE EVERYONE IS READING IT. Due to unforeseen circumstances and all that rot, BOTH of our performances (the 22nd and the 25th) will be knocked back ONE HALF HOUR. That means cast call is at 6:30 on Wednesday and Friday, as well as for our dress rehearsal on Tuesday, and our show actually begins at 7:30. Please pass this on and do not forget. Thanks!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two rehearsals more!

Thanks for your effort today, guys. Below are several posts with instructions for the upcoming dress rehearsals and lyrics to our last song, You'll Never Walk Alone. Please remember, especially if you haven't been to rehearsal every time, that it is your responsibility to learn your music or ask us to help you if you don't know it. We have a CD of the music accompaniment for everyone, so if you didn't get one at rehearsal today, let Cami, Kristen or me know and we can get one to you.

I'm excited, guys. This is going to be good. Thanks for being such a great cast and crew.

A small list of further instruction

What to bring to rehearsal on Saturday?
Let me tell you.
-1 Plain white t-shirt
-1 Plain black t-shirt
-1 Plain colored t-shirt (not patterned, mind you, colored)
-2 Pair of jeans/pants
-Dark shoes
-Any other suspenders/hats/umbrellas/etc. that you have been told to bring
-Your own lovely, excited, and gleefully delighted selves
-Memorized and tune-aware minds and bodies



All righty. Here we have the lyrics for You'll Never Walk Alone. And a lovely video. Instructions: Please watch the video so you can try and get the tune in your heads and read through the words. LISTEN TO YOUR CD'S!!! SING WITH THEM! THERE ARE LYRICS TO THE OTHER SONGS ON EARLIER POSTS! LOOK AT THEM! 

You guys really are fabulous. Thank you for sharing your talents and especially your spirit and testimony's with us. And thank you so much for all of your hard work. You'll be happier with yourselves if you're prepared, I promise!!

When you walk through a storm
Keep your chin up high
And don't be afraid of the dark.
At he end of the storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark.

Walk on through the wind,
Walk on through the rain,
Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown.Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone,
You'll never walk alone.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Everyone in the cast will need one of the following:
  • One pair of jeans- NO SHORTS. Full length pants or kapris are dandy.
  • One pair of black pants- Same regulations as for jeans.
  • One plain white shirt- NO LOGOS. This can be long or short sleeved and anything in between. NO TANK TOPS.
  • One plain black shirt- Same regulations as white shirt.
  • One plain colored shirt- Same regulations as white shirt.
  • Dark Colored shoes- Preferably black and you should be able to do all choreography reasonably in them. NO FLIP FLOPS.
Every clothing item must be appropriate by LDS Church standards. All cast memebers should have these items by the 19th of March. Thank you.

Cuts and Changes

Do to some trouble we have made changes to the musical numbers and scenes. We will no longer be doing "You Can't Stop the Beat," "Do you Hear the People Sing?" or the scene from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. We have also changed the schedule a little bit. The following are FULL cast rehearsals:
  • Saturday March 5th(1:30-4:30)- Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
  • Saturday March 12th(1:30- 4:30)- You'll Never Walk Alone
  • Saturday March 19th(1:30-4:30)- DRESS REHEARSAL
  • Tuesday March 22nd(6pm-9pm)- DRESS REHEARSAL

Lyrics for Magic to Do

Join us leave your field to flower___

Join us leave your cheese to sour___

Join us come and waste and hour or two_________ doo-dle-ee-doo

Journey journey to a spot ex---citing, mystic and exotic___

Journey through our anecdotic revue______________

We've got magic to do____ here for you

We have miracle plays to play________

We have parts to perform____ hearts to warm_____

Kings and things to take by storm_____

As we go along______________ our way_________ hey_______

Intrigue plots to bring disaster___

Humor handled by a master___

Romance love presented pastorally_____________ dee-dle-ee-dee

Illusion fantasy to study___

Battles barbarous and bloody___

Join us sit where everybody can see_____________

We've got magic to do____ here for you

We have miracle plays to play_________

We have parts to perform____ hearts to warm_____

Kings and things to take by storm_____

As we go along our way______________ hey

We got magic to do____ here for you

We have miracle plays to play.

We have parts to perform____ hearts to warm_____

Kings and things to take by storm_____

As we go along-

-We've got magic to do____ here for you

We have miracle plays to play.

We have parts to perform____ hearts to warm_____

Kings and things to take by storm_____

As we go along___________________________________

Our way__________________________ hey_________________

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lyrics for Carryin' The Banner

Newsies: Don't forget to practice your song! Here's the link if you want to sing along to the clip from the movie: Below are the lyrics. I may or may not have included a verse we're not doing, so don't get nervous if there's something you've never heard. Thanks, guys!

That's my cigar!

You'll steal anudder!

Hey bummers, we got work tah do!

Since when did you become me mudder?

Aww, stop your bawling!

Hey, who asked you?

MUSH: So, how'd you sleep Jack?

JACK: On me back Mush.

MUSH: Ha ha. Hear that fellas? Hear what Jack said?
I asked Jack how he slept and he said 'On me back Mush'

CRUTCHY: Jack, when I walk, does it look like I'm faking it?

JACK: No. Who says you're faking it?

CRUTCHY: I dunno. It's just there's so many fake crips on the street today, a real crip ain't got a chance. I gotta find me a new selling spot where they ain't used to seeing me.

Try Bottle Alley or the harbour

Try Central Park, it's guaranteed

Try any baker, bum, or barber

They almost all knows how to read

I smell money

You smell foul!

Met this girl last night

Move your elbow!

Pass the towel!

For a buck I might!

Ain't it a fine life
Carrying the banner through it all?
A mighty fine life
Carrying the banner tough and tall
Every morning, we goes where we wishes
We's as free as fishes
Sure beats washin' dishes
What a fine life
Carrying the banner home-free all!


It takes a smile as sweet as butter


The kind that ladies can resist


It takes an orphan with a stutter


Who ain’t afraid to use his fist!

Summer stinks and winter's waiting
Welcome to New York
Boy, ain't nature fascinating
When you'se gotta walk?

Still, it's a fine life
Carrying the banner with me chums
A mighty fine life
Blowing every nickel as it comes

I'm no snoozer

Sitting makes me antsy
I likes living chancy

Harlem tah Delancey
What a fine life
Carrying the banner through the slums

If I hate the headline, I'll make up the headline
And I'll say anything I hafta
'Cause it's two for a penny, if I take too
Weasel just makes me eat 'em afta

(Sung in counterpoint)

1. Look! They're putting up the headline
They call that a headline?
I get better stories from the copper on the beat
I was gunna start with twenty but a dozen'll be plenty
Tell me, how'm I gonna make ends meet?

2. What's it say?
That won't pay!
So where's your spot?
Gosh, it's hot!
Will ya tell me how'm I gonna make ends meet?

(End counterpoint)

We need a good assassination!
We need an earthquake or a war!

How 'bout a crooked politician?

Hey, stupid, that ain't news no more!
Uptown to Grand Central Station
Down to City Hall
We improves our circulation
Walkin' til we fall!

(Sung in counterpoint)

1. (Split in two at first)

It’s a fine life

Carrying the banner through it all

A mighty fine life

Carrying the banner tough and tall
See the headline
Newsies on a mission
Kill the competition
Sell the next edition
What a fine life

Carrying the banner

It’s a fine life

Carrying the banner

It’s a fine life

Carrying the banner

It’s a fine life

Carrying the banner

It’s a fine life

Carrying the banner

It’s a go!

2.Look, they're putting up the headline
They call that a headline
I get better stories from the copper on the beat
I was gunna start with twenty but a dozen'll be plenty
Will ya tell me, how'm I gonna make ends meet?

Hitched it on a trolley,

Meet ya forty fourth and second,

Little Italy’s a secret,

Bleeker’s further than I reckoned,

By the courthouse,

By the stables on the corner someone beckoned

And I go get ‘em cowboy

You got ‘em now, boy!

And I go get ‘em cowboy

You got ‘em now, boy!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Performance Dates

We had a request for a post with the performance dates and times so here they are:

March 23rd and 25th at 7:00pm

There is a slight chance that they might change, but they probably won't. Just be flexible.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Musical Revue Cast List

Thanks again to everyone who auditioned! Please read this list carefully; some people were cast more than once. If you don't see your name listed at all, then make sure you come for all boy/girl and full cast rehearsals, because you are in those. Let us know if you have any questions. Otherwise, see you on Saturday in the stake center's primary room for a full-cast rehearsal!

Magic To Do (Pippin) Opener:

Carryin' the Banner (Newsies) Scene:
Racetrack- Rob Nielson
Snipeshooter- Jeremy Beutler
Kid Blink- Tim Davis
Mush- Zach Hofheins
Jack- Mitchell Bailey
Skittery- Chase Acheson
Crutchy- Jacob Benfell
Ensemble Newsies- Matt Woddruff, Jonathan Engle, Lauren Blair, and the rest will be chosen at rehearsal on Saturday the 12th

Always Look on The Bright Side of Life (Spamalot) Scene:
Sir Arthur- Chase Acheson
Patsy- Matt Woodruff
Woman- Katy Denter
Ensemble- ALL BOYS and Lola Call, Lauren Blair, Caitlyn Ballentyne, Allie Barnett, and the rest will be chosen on Saturday the 12th

Just Arrived (Copacabana):
Lola- Abi Nielson
Solo 1- Emily Reneer
Solo 2- Grace Achesen
Ensemble- ALL GIRLS

Diary of Anne Frank Scene:
Anne- Catie Nielson
Peter- Matt Woodruff

Somewhere (West Side Story):
Maria- Gwen Davis
Feature dancers- Tim Davis and Abi Nielson

Do You Hear the People Sing (Les Miserables):
Enjorlas- Tim Davis
Combeferre- Zack Hofheins
Ensemble- FULL CAST

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Scene:
Mr. Smith- Jacob Benfell
Mr. Paine- Tim Davis
Speaker of the House- Matt Woodruff
Extras- to be chosen

You'll Never Walk Alone (Carousel):
Solo 1- Emily Lewis
Solo 2- Gwen Davis
Ensemble- FULL CAST

You Can't Stop the Beat (Hairspray) Bows:
Solo 1- Sophie Blair
Ensemble- FULL CAST

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Musical Revue Rehearsal Schedule (Full Cast)

Saturday, February 5th 2pm-4pm

  • Magic to Do
  • Somewhere (Abi and Tim)

Saturday, February 12th 1:30pm-4:30pm

  • Just Arrived (Girls)
  • Carryin’ The Banner (Boys)

Saturday, February 19th 1:30pm-4pm

  • Somewhere (Gwen, Abi, and Tim)
  • You Can’t Stop the Beat

Saturday, February 26th 1:30pm-4:30pm

  • Bring Him Home (Zach)
  • You Can’t Stop the Beat

Saturday, March 5th 1:30pm-4:30pm

  • Somewhere
  • Bring Him Home
  • Always Look On the Bright Side of Life

Saturday, March 12th 1:30pm-4:30pm

  • You’ll Never Walk Alone

Saturday, March 19th 1:30pm-4:30pm


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thank you for all those of you that attended our rehearsal today. It really went very well. We're really excited to be working with all of you, so thank you for your offering of your time and talents. We'll be posting a schedule and a cast list this week. If you weren't able to make it today, we learned the lyrics and dance to Magic To Do, our opener. Here are the lyrics so you can memorize at home:

Join us........ Leave your fields to flower
Join us........ Leave your cheese to sour
Join us........ Come and waste an hour or two
Journey....... Journey to a spot ex-
citing, mystic and exotic
Journey........ Through our anecdotic revue

We've got magic to do........ Just for you
We've got miracle plays to play
We've got parts to perform.... Hearts to warm
Kings and things to take by storm
As we go along our way

Intrigue.... Plots to bring disaster
Humor.... Handled by a master
Romance.... Love presented pastorally


Illusion.... Fantasy to study
Battles.... Barbarous and bloody
Join us....... Sit where everybody can see

We've got magic to do........ Just for you
We've got miracle plays to play
We've got parts to perform.... Hearts to warm
Kings and things to take by storm
As we go along

We got
Magic to do
Just for you, We got
Magic to do
Just for you, We got
Magic to do
Just for you
As we go along
Our way

Have a great week!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Audition Update and First Rehearsal

Thank you to everyone who participated in Saturday's auditions! We had a wonderful turn out and everyone who auditioned will be in the show.
Unfortunately there were a couple of people who were unable to attend on Saturday. Therefore, we will be having a very short set of auditions right before the MANDATORY rehearsal for all cast members.
The auditions will begin at 1:30pm and the rehearsal will begin from 2:00pm to 4:00pm on Saturday February 5th. A schedule of the following rehearsals will be handed out at this rehearsal and a copy will be available on this blog.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Other Ways to Help

We really would love it if all the stake youth would find a way to participate in this wonderful project. Here are some ways that we could use some help:
  • Makeup Artists: Because this is a project that will be done on a stage under a lot of lighting, everyone will need to wear make up. Therefore, we need people who are knowledgeable about makeup to help the cast know exactly what to wear and help out before the shows with doing makeup for the cast. (Needed mainly in March)
  • Hair Artists: These people will do pretty much the same thing that the makeup artists do except instead of makeup they will be doing hair. This job could potentially be combined with makeup artists. (Needed mainly in March)
  • Technical Managers (Techies): These are the behind the scenes people who help with the lighting, sound, set changes and even the curtains. They will have the very important job of making sure the show runs smoothly and seamlessly. (Needed mainly in March)
  • Stage Managers: These people are the assistants to the directors and will help the cast backstage with cues for scenes, set changes, and costume changes and all that good stuff. They will also serve as assistants to the directors and might be needed for proctoring at the auditions. we are looking for two to four of them depending on the cast size. (Needed before January 29th)
  • Properties Managers: These people are in charge of the set and props. The set will be very minimal due to the fact that we are doing lots of different scenes, but we will have some set pieces and they will need to be made, found, or bought. There will also be some props that will need to be made found or bought as well. ( Needed by February)
  • Publications Committee: These are the people who will make the programs and posters to announce the show. If you are artistic, but don't have two whole months to dedicate to us, this is the job for you. (Needed at least two weeks before March 25th)
If you are interested in one of these jobs, please email us or get in contact with us before the times listed for the job you would like. Also, if you have any other ideas of way to help us, fell free to suggest them to us. Our contact info is listed in the post, "New Project!" Thank you!

Revue Auditions

Auditions are going to be held on Saturday January 29th. The Ensemble auditions will be held at 1:00 pm and the Main parts auditions will be at 4:00 pm.

Ensemble Auditions: Anyone who does not want a solo part for singing dancing or acting should come to this audition. We will begin by singing a few songs all together that we are thinking about doing in the revue. Then we will move to the gym where we will just do some basic dancing. The purpose of these auditions are for us (Miriam, Kristen, and I) to know what you are capable of so that we can plan a great show. Don't worry, if you don't think you are broadway material that is just fine. We want to to participate. It will be really fun!

Main Parts Auditions: Anyone who would like to have a solo in singing, dancing, and/or acting should come to this audition. You will go to the east entrance of the stake center where a proctor will put you on the list to audition. The auditions will be done alone in front of Kristen, Miriam, and I and no one else. You may choose to audition for acting, singing, or dancing. If you would like to do two or three of those that would be great, but if you are only comfortable singing for instance, you can do a singing only audition (same goes for acting and dancing). You do not need to do prepare anything for this audition.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Project!

Oak Hills Stake! We are excited to inform all the wards that we are still planning to put on the musical revue that was announced earlier. We understand that our delay in getting out specifics has made planning difficult, and we apologize for that. Here are the specifics:

General ensemble auditions: January 29, 1:00 PM
Potential solo/spotlight auditions: January 29, 4:00 PM
First rehearsal: February 5, 2:00 PM (All cast members attend)
General rehearsal plan: Saturdays in February and March at 2:00 PM and some Thursdays at 6:30 PM
Performance(s): March 25 (and 26?), 7:00 PM

All youth (ages 12-18) are invited to participate. Everyone who auditions will be cast in the actual show, though we will select some solo numbers. A musical revue consists of several songs, some scenes, ensemble and solo numbers, which all share a theme. The theme we have chosen is hope. Anyone who feels uncomfortable on stage can also do lighting, audio, stage managing, advertisement, etc. We will have sign-ups for these roles available at and around the time of auditions.

We hope that, through the songs we have chosen and in the ways we choose to present them, we will be able to communicate our love for the Savior and the testimony and vision we have for the future. We hope this will be a good experience for everyone who will choose to participate. Thank you so much.