Monday, January 31, 2011

Audition Update and First Rehearsal

Thank you to everyone who participated in Saturday's auditions! We had a wonderful turn out and everyone who auditioned will be in the show.
Unfortunately there were a couple of people who were unable to attend on Saturday. Therefore, we will be having a very short set of auditions right before the MANDATORY rehearsal for all cast members.
The auditions will begin at 1:30pm and the rehearsal will begin from 2:00pm to 4:00pm on Saturday February 5th. A schedule of the following rehearsals will be handed out at this rehearsal and a copy will be available on this blog.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Other Ways to Help

We really would love it if all the stake youth would find a way to participate in this wonderful project. Here are some ways that we could use some help:
  • Makeup Artists: Because this is a project that will be done on a stage under a lot of lighting, everyone will need to wear make up. Therefore, we need people who are knowledgeable about makeup to help the cast know exactly what to wear and help out before the shows with doing makeup for the cast. (Needed mainly in March)
  • Hair Artists: These people will do pretty much the same thing that the makeup artists do except instead of makeup they will be doing hair. This job could potentially be combined with makeup artists. (Needed mainly in March)
  • Technical Managers (Techies): These are the behind the scenes people who help with the lighting, sound, set changes and even the curtains. They will have the very important job of making sure the show runs smoothly and seamlessly. (Needed mainly in March)
  • Stage Managers: These people are the assistants to the directors and will help the cast backstage with cues for scenes, set changes, and costume changes and all that good stuff. They will also serve as assistants to the directors and might be needed for proctoring at the auditions. we are looking for two to four of them depending on the cast size. (Needed before January 29th)
  • Properties Managers: These people are in charge of the set and props. The set will be very minimal due to the fact that we are doing lots of different scenes, but we will have some set pieces and they will need to be made, found, or bought. There will also be some props that will need to be made found or bought as well. ( Needed by February)
  • Publications Committee: These are the people who will make the programs and posters to announce the show. If you are artistic, but don't have two whole months to dedicate to us, this is the job for you. (Needed at least two weeks before March 25th)
If you are interested in one of these jobs, please email us or get in contact with us before the times listed for the job you would like. Also, if you have any other ideas of way to help us, fell free to suggest them to us. Our contact info is listed in the post, "New Project!" Thank you!

Revue Auditions

Auditions are going to be held on Saturday January 29th. The Ensemble auditions will be held at 1:00 pm and the Main parts auditions will be at 4:00 pm.

Ensemble Auditions: Anyone who does not want a solo part for singing dancing or acting should come to this audition. We will begin by singing a few songs all together that we are thinking about doing in the revue. Then we will move to the gym where we will just do some basic dancing. The purpose of these auditions are for us (Miriam, Kristen, and I) to know what you are capable of so that we can plan a great show. Don't worry, if you don't think you are broadway material that is just fine. We want to to participate. It will be really fun!

Main Parts Auditions: Anyone who would like to have a solo in singing, dancing, and/or acting should come to this audition. You will go to the east entrance of the stake center where a proctor will put you on the list to audition. The auditions will be done alone in front of Kristen, Miriam, and I and no one else. You may choose to audition for acting, singing, or dancing. If you would like to do two or three of those that would be great, but if you are only comfortable singing for instance, you can do a singing only audition (same goes for acting and dancing). You do not need to do prepare anything for this audition.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Project!

Oak Hills Stake! We are excited to inform all the wards that we are still planning to put on the musical revue that was announced earlier. We understand that our delay in getting out specifics has made planning difficult, and we apologize for that. Here are the specifics:

General ensemble auditions: January 29, 1:00 PM
Potential solo/spotlight auditions: January 29, 4:00 PM
First rehearsal: February 5, 2:00 PM (All cast members attend)
General rehearsal plan: Saturdays in February and March at 2:00 PM and some Thursdays at 6:30 PM
Performance(s): March 25 (and 26?), 7:00 PM

All youth (ages 12-18) are invited to participate. Everyone who auditions will be cast in the actual show, though we will select some solo numbers. A musical revue consists of several songs, some scenes, ensemble and solo numbers, which all share a theme. The theme we have chosen is hope. Anyone who feels uncomfortable on stage can also do lighting, audio, stage managing, advertisement, etc. We will have sign-ups for these roles available at and around the time of auditions.

We hope that, through the songs we have chosen and in the ways we choose to present them, we will be able to communicate our love for the Savior and the testimony and vision we have for the future. We hope this will be a good experience for everyone who will choose to participate. Thank you so much.