Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cast List

Well, I think its safe to say that the auditions went very, very well on Saturday, and I just want to thank all the kids who auditioned and their parents for their support. We tried to call everyone last night, but not everyone answered so just as a reminder; the first rehearsal is THIS MONDAY, the 12th. It would be great if all the kids could bring their own water bottles and don't forget that we will be giving out hard copies of the schedule at the first rehearsal as well. Now, without further ado, here is the cast list:

Aesop- Jonathan Eden

Altair- Matthew Benfell

Calli- Sophie Blair
Clio- Kate Gabbitas
Cori- Grace Acheson

Abraxux- Ransom Larsen
Aspasia- Louisa Eastley
Alec- David Eastley
Arianna- Marissa Ludlow
Alyssa- Maegan Richards
Athena- Annie
Agnes- Katherine Eden
Andrew- Bryan Richards

Xanthos- Bob Gabbitas
Karl- Joseph Ludlow
Julius- Hunter Reynolds
Orion- Hyrum Bay

Captain- Joseph Ludlow

Galatia- Jessica Holcombe
Claudia- Erica Lewis
Leticia- Josie Furr
Iris- Ellie Nelson
Ophelia- Leah Schutz

School Children:
Yannis- David Eastley
Hector- Jackson Gledhill
Gregory- Will Davis
Linus- Thatcher Gledhill
Jason- Josh Lewis
Perseus- Adam Lewis
Alexi- Meliah Ludlow
Gina- Belle Gabbitas
Daphne- Emilie Bailey
Sophia- Autumn Bay
Lydia- Frances Benfell

Wolf- Will Davis

Penelope- Frances Benfell
Peony- Autumn Bay
Petunia- Meliah Ludlow
Persephone- Emilie Bailey
Phoebe- Belle Gabbitas
Petrina- Emma Davis
Pandora- Diana Reynolds
Pamela- Avery Jane Smith

Some kids have been given two parts so it s a good idea to read over the entire list just to make sure you are aware of all the parts your child/ children have been given.

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